6 Reasons to Choose a Wedding Celebrant Celebrate with verity

6 Reasons to Choose a Wedding Celebrant

Wedding celebrants are fast becoming the go-to option for couples when it comes to choosing who will officiate their ceremony. And it’s set to be the number-one trend for 2024 weddings too! 

But why so popular? Well, despite celebrants not being able to legally marry you in the UK, the allure lies in the art of transforming a generic ceremony into a highly personal celebration of love that matches your styles and personalities to a T! 

Whilst there is always the splendour of choosing a bespoke cake, flowers, and finery, have you ever considered making your ceremony just as authentically you? Enter the wedding celebrant – the unsung goddess (or god!) of personalised ceremonies, who will masterfully craft an enchanting narrative that will leave both you and your guests utterly spellbound. 

If this is already sounding a lot more appealing than a sleepy registrar ceremony, let’s delve a little deeper, as I share with you my 6 top-tier reasons as to why you absolutely, positively, should choose a wedding celebrant to officiate your ceremony! 

1. No two ceremonies are alike

Your love story deserves its own bespoke, luxury treatment. With a wedding celebrant, your ceremony becomes a gloriously golden affair that is entirely unique to you. From heartfelt vows to specially designed elements that celebrate your journey, your ceremony isn’t just a formality; it’s your story brought to life. Your celebrant will work with you to craft a ceremony that is word-for-word tailored to you, making it a once-in-a-lifetime viewing that only your guests and you will ever experience. 

2. The choice is all yours

When choosing a celebrant, you have the power to make all of the choices! From the content of the ceremony, its length, and even the time of day you wish to have it! It’s all down to you. Most excitingly of all though, you get to pick the celebrant of your dreams! So there is no need to feel nervous about walking down the aisle to an unfamiliar face. Your celebrant is the friend you never knew you needed, who will calm your nerves and make your ceremony a fun and relaxing experience. 

3. Laughter, tears, and all the feels

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster that’s more thrilling than your favourite rom-com. A celebrant crafts a love story that tugs at heartstrings, brings on the giggles, and might even summon a few happy tears. It’s like your love journey but with popcorn-worthy emotional highs! 

4. Adventure awaits – anywhere!

Unlike registrars, celebrants are not restricted to licensed venues. We are also very portable! So there are no limits as to where in the country, or world we can travel to.

Perhaps you dream of saying “I do” under the stars? Or nestled within your favourite vineyard in the South of France? A wedding celebrant truly is your passport to tying the knot wherever your heart desires. No venue is off-limits, and your backdrop becomes part of your unique love story! 

5. Quirkiness and charisma guaranteed

Celebrants come in all flavours – from the quirky comedians to the heartfelt storytellers. Whatever your style, there’s a celebrant who gets you. Want a ceremony sprinkled with movie quotes? Done. How about a Harry Potter-themed spellbinding exchange of vows? You got it. Your celebrant sets the tone for an experience that’s as you as it gets.

Personally, I love a traditional ceremony. I pride myself in taking beautiful traditions and making them personal with wonderful storytelling and elegant elements that add some modern charm! 

But as I say, all celebrants are different and there will be one out there that is the perfect match to you.

6. Surprise twists and turns

Imagine a surprise performance by your favourite local band or a flash mob of your nearest and dearest. A celebrant can help you add those delightful unexpected moments that’ll have your guests talking for years! Remember, the possibilities are endless…

To Conclude

Although a wedding celebrant can’t legally marry you in the UK, the benefits of choosing one over a register are well worth it for that personal experience that you’ll remember forever!

So the choice is pretty crystal. A wedding celebrant brings the frills, the feels, and the freedom to create a ceremony that’s all you! So, unleash your inner wedding trailblazer, add some personality, and let your love story shine brighter than a disco ball!

If you would like more information about choosing a celebrant ceremony, or to book a free discovery call with me, then please feel free to pop me a message. I would love to help you transform your “I do” into a “We absolutely do” in exactly the way you want to…

Photography Credit: Lewis Membery