Venue Spotlight: Kin House – A Georgian Gem for Celebrant-Led Weddings Celebrate with verity

A ceremony in the Kin House Garden House that I completed in March 2024.
Photo Credit: Colin Ross

Venue Spotlight: Kin House – A Georgian Gem for Celebrant-Led Weddings

Nestled in Wiltshire, on the edge of the Cotswolds, Kin House stands as a symbol of Georgian beauty, blending the comfort of a country estate with modern elegance. As a celebrant, I’m drawn to its striking beauty and commitment to ensuring every wedding is both unique and deeply personal. It’s an enchanting choice for those seeking a venue that marries aesthetic grace with a customised wedding experience.


  • Ceremony Spaces: Hearth Room (Indoor), Arbour (Outdoor), and Garden House (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Capacity: Up to 200 guests
  • Accommodation: 12 bedrooms suitable for up to 24 guests
  • Catering: Provided on-site, here is an example menu
  • Vibe: Georgian elegance meets country home warmth
  • Unique Features: Luxurious bespoke bedrooms, varied ceremony spaces, an indoor shell grotto, and an inclusive atmosphere for celebrant-led ceremonies
  • Rates: Kin House presents various rates for weddings. These rates fluctuate based on the day of the week and the length of stay. Below is a summarised overview of their starting rates for weddings:
Stay Option2024 Starting Rates2025 Starting Rates
Weekend Takeover (2 nights, Fri-Sun)£29,100£32,750
Saturday Wedding (1 night)£25,840£26,350
Friday Wedding (2 nights)£25,690£26,200
Midweek Wedding (2 nights)£25,690£22,900
Midweek Wedding (1 night)£15,640£15,950
For more detailed information on rates, visit the Kin House rates page.

Getting Ready in Grandeur

The wedding day commences in the opulent Dressing Room and Barbers at Kin House:

  • The Dressing Room, ready for your use in the morning, is outfitted with everything needed for your styling needs, including hair-washing stations, styling tools, and expansive mirrors. It’s an elegantly designed space, complete with professional chairs that are perfect for hair and makeup artists work their magic. There’s also a VERY pink bathroom and a minibar, stocked ready to get the party started. This room is the ideal, serene spot to get ready for the day ahead.
  • The top-floor Barbers is ready for any pre-celebration grooming needs. Complete with a traditional barber chair, mirrors and a sink. There’s ample natural light, views over the gardens and a minibar to ease any pre-ceremony nerves.

Ceremony Spaces at Kin House

  • Hearth Room: Nestled inside Kin House, this room surrounds guests and the couple with warmth. Its original 18th-century fireplace is the source. The space is suitable for intimate gatherings and can accommodate up to 85 seated or 100 standing guests.
  • Arbour: This enchanting outdoor space lies within the walled garden. It provides a lush backdrop, perfect for up to 200 guests. It’s for those dreaming of a summer garden ceremony.
  • Garden House: This indoor/outdoor sanctuary can accommodate up to 200 guests. Centrally, it features an original fig tree and gives a light and airy vibe. This offers versatility and beauty for your special moment.
Kin House Wiltshire, Kilvert Hall set up for a party, Ceremony Completed by Celebrant Celebrate with Verity
Kilvert Hall bar area with an enormous disco ball.
Photo Credit: Colin Ross

Celebratory Spaces and Accommodation

Post-ceremony, Kin House unfolds into various spaces for celebration. These include the Drawing Room and Fitz Bar, suitable for receptions with a capacity of up to 100 guests. For larger weddings, the Hearth Room can also be utilised, offering additional space. Moreover, in warmer weather, guests can gather on the manicured lawns and the terrace.

Furthermore, Kilvert Hall is available for vibrant evening festivities, accommodating up to 200 guests. This hall features a bar, dance floor, and curtained stage area for live music, as well as a music system suitable for a DJ. Therefore, it offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable celebration, blending live performances and DJ music seamlessly.

The house also boasts 12 bespoke bedrooms, accommodating 24 guests in total. Ranging from the grandeur of ‘Biggest’ rooms to the quaint charm of ‘Little’ rooms, this diversity guarantees a comfortable and luxurious stay. The finishes are of the highest quality; no expense is spared!

Unique Touches

The interior design of Kin House is a testament to colour and creativity, masterfully reimagined by Barlow & Barlow. This design embraces a playful yet elegant aesthetic, mixing bold colours, patterns, and historical elements with a modern twist. It transforms the Georgian manor into a vibrant, welcoming space that perfectly marries traditional architecture with contemporary design flair.

Bespoke Crafts: Kin House utilises the work of many independent craftsmen and women throughout their interiors and serveware. A personal favourite is the glass, chequered canape trays they use by Cornish maker, David Perry.

Shell Grotto: Typically a Georgian feature, Kin boasts its own magnificent shell grotto and chair. Snuggly carved into the hallway wall, it’s a glistening spot for a photo or two!

Complimentary Minibar: Not common in most hotel bedrooms, but Kin House offers complimentary, luxury snacks and drinks for all guests staying the night. A personal favourite was a small bar of Tony’s Chocolonely.

Shell Grotto and Chair (left) / Custom-made Checkerboard Canape Tray (right) by David Perry Glass & Ceramics


Kin House wonderfully merges traditional charm, bespoke touches, and joy into every wedding, thoroughly covering all needs with its vast amenities. As a celebrant, I find the ceremony spaces available at Kin House to nearly reach perfection. Each space, unique in its charm, provides a stunning backdrop that significantly enhances the meaning and emotion of every ceremony. Consequently, this venue, with its thoughtful details and scenic settings, truly stands as an ideal canvas for crafting unforgettable moments.

For more information on Kin House and to plan your special day, visit Kin House Weddings.

Celebrate With Verity

I bring a unique, personalised touch to every ceremony, ensuring it’s a reflection of your love story. My approach as a celebrant can enhance the magic of your Kin House wedding, marrying the venue’s elegance with ceremonies full of heart and personal meaning. Having completed a beautiful wedding at Kin House in March 2024, I’ve become well-acquainted with its unique charm and know precisely how to complement it. Together, let’s craft an unforgettable day.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me to start planning!