Kin House – Wedding Review Celebrate with verity

Kin House – Wedding Review

Welcome to my review of Kin House, where I share the enchanting experience of celebrating my sister’s wedding at this quintessential venue. Nestled in the heart of the countryside, Kin House embodies the perfect blend of Georgian elegance and the intimate warmth of a country home. Through this blog, I’ll take you on a journey through the magical moments and meticulous planning that transformed our celebration at Kin House into an unforgettable experience.

The Evening before the Wedding


Our arrival at Kin House on the evening before the wedding was nothing short of magical. As we stepped into the grand Georgian venue at 5:30 PM, the air was filled with the warm glow of candles, creating an inviting and intimate atmosphere. The staff greeted us warmly, making us feel instantly at home.

We were then guided to our bedroom, which was nothing short of stunning! The house has 12 bedrooms, providing accommodation for 24 guests in total. We stayed in Room 3, which was equipped with a beautiful four-poster bed, an en suite bathroom with his and her sinks, and a walk-in shower. The bedrooms vary in size, but each is as beautiful as the last. The best part though is that each bedroom’s mini bar and snack selection is entirely complimentary! Midnight bar of Tony’s Chocolonley anyone?

My sister had also left little favours on all of our beds, which was a lovely touch for our arrival. She opted for these gorgeous re-usable crackers by Happy Crackers and filled them with chocolate eggs. Very fitting for an Easter wedding!

A Happy Cracker left on the bed of every guest by the Bride and Groom

Mother & Wild, Corsham

For our evening meal, we ventured to Mother & Wild, a gem of an Italian restaurant in the heart of Corsham. The restaurant was recommended by Kin and was just a short 15-minute drive away from the house. Accompanied by all 24 guests from Kin House’s 12 bedrooms, we were indulged with an array of delicious dishes.

The restaurant proudly proclaims its commitment to locally sourced ingredients and the food didn’t disappoint! The truffled wild mushroom arancini starter was a huge hit, and we each devoured a sourdough pizza for mains. Some of us explored their unique ice creams for dessert, with ‘Cinnamon Toast’ ice cream emerging as a favourite. Being a sweet-toothed senorita, I can confirm that it was heavenly and it’s worth visiting just for this alone.

Evening Drinks

Returning to Kin House, we gathered in the Drawing Room for some relaxed evening drinks. Whilst we were out, Kin had put drinks on ice and laid out cookies ready for our return. This was such a cosy and inviting welcome back.

The room, with its sophisticated décor and comfortable seating, was the perfect setting for us to enjoy each other’s company before retreating for an early night, in anticipation of the big day ahead!

The Wedding Day

The Groom, Groomsmen, and Family

The day commenced in the Hearth Room, where a splendid breakfast spread awaited. It ranged from continental offerings and pastries to a cooked breakfast menu with a gourmet twist, ensuring there was something for everyone. Arrayed on the sideboard were various jams, local honey, and fresh juices, as well as bowls of granola, yoghurt and fresh sourdough for toasting.

The Bride and Bridesmaids

Upstairs in the Dressing Room, the bridal party’s morning was a flurry of beauty and excitement. Our stylists worked their magic, transforming the space into a bustling salon. The Kin staff were nothing short of amazing! Bringing up breakfast and champagne, they ensured the girls started the day in style.

Hair: Juta Zorubiene
Makeup: By Annabella

After Breakfast

The groom’s party proceeded to the top-floor Barbers. There, the groomsmen helped the groom get ready for the day!

In the Background

While we were getting ready, the talented florist, Pearl, and her assistant, Jess, from Millefleur, who forage for local and fresh flowers from Pearl’s very own meadow, were at work. Simultaneously, the team from Re-production were setting up the enormous disco ball, measuring 100cm (yes really!), in preparation for the evening party.

The photographer Colin Ross and the second photographer Ben Tynegate also started to capture the day.

My partner Richard, who has a collection of 10 plus Polaroid cameras, had also agreed to photograph the entirety of the festivities, as you can see throughout the blog.


Hair and makeup complete, we got dressed and ready to take some photos in the bride and groom’s bedroom. The freestanding bath, provided the perfect setting to capture some elegant, editorial-style, shots of my sister and the bridesmaids altogether.

Guests Arrive

Despite the rain, the groomsmen ensured all guests were comfortably ferried to the Garden House for the ceremony, with umbrellas in hand to keep everyone dry.

The Ceremony

Led by me, Celebrate with Verity, the ceremony was a fun-filled, yet heartfelt celebration of love! Complete with a party-style bridal entrance, which got everyone bopping along to Elton John and set the tone for the rest of the day.

After the Ceremony

The celebration kicked off in the Fitz Bar with delightful drinks waiting for everyone. It was a moment of pure joy as we toasted to the newlyweds.

This was followed by group photographs, as well as a break in the rain for the bride and groom to have some photos taken outside together.

The Wedding Breakfast

Kilvert Hall was the scene of vibrant celebrations as everyone gathered for the wedding breakfast. The details of which were as meticulously planned as every other aspect of the day.

We dined on burrata with quince and cherry, steak with an abundance of trimmings and the most delicious fruit pavlova I have ever tasted! The breakfast was also presented in a fun “sharing style” format, which allowed for a far more interactive and social way of feasting.

However, my favourite touch was that the bride and groom had handwritten personalised messages on every guest’s place card. These included things like funny stories, treasured memories and thank you’s!

Post Wedding Breakfast

The evening came alive with music from The London Strollers, bringing everyone to the dance floor under the magnificent disco ball.

Party Time

The rest of the night was then spent on the dancefloor, munching pizza and drinking a little bit too much!

Once midnight struck, it was time to say goodbye to guests. Those staying at Kin House headed back to the Drawing Room for one last toast to the bride and groom and the best day EVER!

The Next Morning

The next day we headed downstairs for one last breakfast. After signing the guest book (we were having too much fun to remember the night before!), we made our goodbyes.

Once home, we had a lot of fun looking through Richard’s 100-plus Polaroids, ready to turn them into a keepsake album for the bride and groom.

Kin House Summary Review

Kin House is an exceptional wedding venue that blends Georgian elegance with country warmth. Every moment, from the serene evening before to the joyous wedding day, was perfect. The staff and vendors like Millefleur and Re-production beautifully brought my sister’s vision to life. The ceremony was full of personal touches, brought to life by the couple’s choice to have a celebrant ceremony (officiated by me!). Finally, the celebration spaces, food and comfy bedrooms made the whole experience one to remember.

Kin House offers an outstanding setting for unforgettable memories. It’s more than a venue; it’s where magical moments are made.